Atlanta Steel Buildings

If you want a round building, our design team can figure that out for you.

If you want a dramatic effect, adding brick to the outside will hide the fact that the construction is sturdy and will last for years.

Be sure you give us all the specifics and check with your local building inspector to see if there is anything special we need to take in to consideration when making your prefab kit.

Metal buildings can be finished off by being painted inside and out.

If you are putting a heating or cooling system in your steel structure, we can allow for that in your plans.

Whatever you choose from any of our color charts can be worked into the design you need for your steel building kit.

Steel building construction performs very well in all kinds of weather.

Structural steel buildings can have the look and feel of a building made from other materials.

You can have a steel school building designed with air conditioning and no windows.

When building an extra garage on your property, you can make your wife happy by including storage for her seasonal clothing.

If you need bathrooms in your office and in your riding stable, just let us know and we can include them in your design.

Our design team has created so many designs for steel buildings that you will probably find one in our portfolio that you love.

Whether you need a small storage unit or you want to put up a storage building you can rent out, we can design those for you.

If you need a giant warehouse with an upper loft and offices on the lower level, we can design that for you.

You will get plans that are cross referenced to your assembly drawing and all the building components.

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